puzzleClear, simple, quick and secure project communication
We have been supporting professional project teams with our internet-based plan rooms since 2002. .
We currently have 700 projects running, a very large number on a Swiss scale. You can find a selection of our projects under ‘References’.

Why our solutions are worth your while?
dot Projects are always under enormous cost pressure
dot Projects must always be completed to tight deadlines
dot Project progress must be able to be monitored
dot Unexpected events always call for flexibility
dot Information must be straightforward and clear for all

Which advantages does our solution offer?
dot Simple, clear processes minimize errors/save costs
dot Less time pressure on the project managers/team
dot A structure to handle unexpected events
dot Quality management thanks to a good overview of who does what
dot Proven reduction of your printing costs (plots/prints)

Schema Info-Management Kopie KopieOur Approach
The exchange of information between the participants takes place electronically from the outset. Numerous groups of participants are involved. This concerns the exchange of both electronic (PDF/DWG/DXF) and physical (Prints, Plots) data.

Project data: Electronic Exchange
Project participants exchange documents in a structured manner according to the client’s specifications. The transfer is always the supplier’s responsibility. It is always clearly traceable who reads, receives or exchanges what with whom.

Output: Physical Exchange
Documents are printed locally and delivered. You have access to our full range of products. Our proximity to the recipients is advantageous, as our deliveries are always on time even on large construction sites. Thanks to our extensive network of offices we can guarantee you the shortest possible response times and highly reliable deliveries that are well-documented and traceable.

Advice and Support
Our project managers will support you from the launch of your project until its conclusion by providing advice in the concept and planning stage and offering practical support in your day-to-day business. Plan room and output will form one seamless process. Overlaps are avoided at all costs.

You have access to 3 different systems, depending on the objectives you would like to achieve:

Large-scale projects (from approx. 50 million) with process transitions and various reporting tools, that quickly pay for themselves, especially for more complex projects that take longer. It facilitates approval procedures, quality management and much much more. The solution is implemented to suit your project or company.

For the efficient realization of middle-sized projects (approx. up to 50 million) with a clearly defined electronic exchange of data, version management and an ordering platform. This is a standard solution with various tried and tested processes, ready for use in no time. No training expenses.

An ordering solution you’ll love. You can use Data-Plot (entries to date are saved) for all your numerous projects that do not require the electronic exchange of data between members of the project team.

Our system is modular. It is centered around the plan room for data exchange (for all file formats) as the basic package, on the basis of which output (plots/prints) can be quickly and easily printed and distributed throughout Switzerland.

At the interface between plan room and output we run a professional advisory service guaranteeing the necessary quality management to ensure efficient usage.

Additional modules are::
dot Room books, i.e. for hospitals or industry
dot Submission module for selected providers
dot List of defects (iPad compatible)
dot Archive solution for use once the project has been concluded

We adapt all modules to your specific needs.