Documentation according to KBOB/IPB standard

Using the documentation of the construction site according to KBOB/IPB standards (Koordination der Bau- und Liegenschaftsorgane des Bundes / Interessengemeinschaft privater professioneller Bauherren) you can witness a new standard that ensures optimal workflow. Relevant files for business and processes can be compiled and multiple versions can be saved during the continuation of your project. Relevant structures already exist in order to make it as easy as possible for you to take maximum advantage of this new kind of documentation. Once the project and thus your documentation is finished, you can choose to receive the entire documentation either digitally on a data storage device, have it printed, or keep storing it online in a long-term archive for which you get access online. It is a new, easy and fulfilling way for you to handle big amounts of data.

● Maximum clarity concerning the structuring of documents thanks to    standardized and optimized folder structures. Such clarity is especially    important for multiple property projects.
● Documentation of the completion of construction phases as well as    documentation of structures according to KBOB/IPB standards are    customized to your needs
● The fluid and simple management of your files supports your project greatly
● Online accessibility of finished phases for authorized project members
● Continuing quality assurance on document level in order to ensure the above    mentioned KBOB/IPB standards
● Tracing of guarantee and liability claims by revision-proof storage
● Simplified transfer of data and information from the building project
● Effective way of reducing documentation costs in your project

Online Project Collaboration Platform

Separate, simplified and quality assured Project Collaboration Platform which is structured according to KBOB/IPB standards

Truninger Consultants

Definition of the process and adaptation of the KBOB-structure to the needs of the developers at the start of the project

Truninger Data Manager

Quality assurance and process support during your planning phase

Support of approval process

By means of units that are part of the Online Project Collaboration Platform and data manager the approval process is supported