The digitization of paper files and their conversion to electronic archives offers numerous advantages, both for A4/A3 documents as well as for plans for construction projects:

1. Quick access through indexation and key words
2. Increased security due to data backups
3. Less required space and therefore lower costs
4. No loss of information (paper originals can easily be lost)
5. Global access for all who are authorized
6. Effortless processing and forwarding of data
7. Possibility to use data for controlling purposes

After extensive consultation with our clients, Truninger puts together a concept tailored to their specific needs, paying particular attention to criteria such as costs, frequency of access, image quality as well as integration into the client’s current IT environment.


Our advice and concept suggestions for your e-archive guarantee the success of your project…


In your digital archive all the information you need is just a click away.

Paper archive

Existing paper archives are hard to access and expensive to maintain.

Cost reductions

No more large stocks and time-consuming searches thanks to e-Archiving