BIM Training

In collaboration with ArchiMedia we can offer you solid basic training, which conveys the basics of BIM regardless of the specific CAD program in use and aims to equip you to independently set up your model. In two additional modules you will learn to control models using Solibri and to complete room book setup and maintenance using Prevera.

In only four basic courses you will acquire essential knowledge that is an integral part of an architect’s core skills. Ideally the four courses are taken in order, however, it is also possible to take individual modules.

BIM Basics (1/2 day)

Understanding basic principles and processes in the use of BIM methodology

BIM Model Design (1 day)

Organizing CAD projects in accordance with BIM and correctly designing a BIM model

BIM Model Monitoring (1 day)

Monitoring IFC models in Solibri using rules and reporting collisions and pending matters

BIM Room book (1/2 day)

Exporting room data from CAD systems into the room book as well as room book setup and maintenance