BIM Technology

To help you meet your predefined objectives, we provide you with reliable technology, guaranteeing that interfaces between the individual solutions are taken into account at an early stage. Our package includes the plan room (2D exchange), a room book and a BIM model (IFC or Revit), which all allow for the simplified depiction of rooms.

The use of this reliable technology as well as our support help to significantly simplify communication between clients, planers, users and operators. Client and users are involved in the review of requirements at an early stage giving the planners clearer guidelines.

Plan room

The plan room with plans, reports, records etc. coexists…

Room book

… with a room book used to record room requirements/specifications.

BIM Model

The BIM model lets you take a virtual tour of the building, adding or leaving out details

Single source

Our solutions stem from a single source with strong support in every phase