BIM (Building Information Modeling) is gaining increasing momentum as a requirement and a method in the field of construction planning. We want to seize this opportunity and support our clients from the outset as they introduce BIM. In addition, as a member of Bauen Digital we benefit from early involvement in all issues concerning information management.

Our BIM landscape outlines important BIM-relevant areas creating opportunities. Our pyramid shows, in which areas we will be supporting you in the planning, introduction and implementation of your BIM project to ensure that your BIM project is successful.

We will provide you with custom solutions in the following four areas:


Our BIM consulting services are designed to achieve an ideal structure for any project carried out using the BIM methodology, creating a comprehensible hierarchy of objectives (target state) that serves as a template for the project as a whole. This concerns all project stakeholders in all phases up to and including operation and includes an analysis of the actual situation. Based on the comparison of the actual situation with the target state, interim objectives and appropriate preliminary measures are defined. This way it quickly becomes apparent who will be affected by BIM in which form and what will be contributed and can be expected by whom.

BIM consulting also makes it clear which technology-related measures are necessary, how the integration will be handled and to what extent training measures are needed.

Hierarchy of objectives

How do I integrate BIM into my project as a method and which objectives does this meet?

Preliminary measures

In every project phase measures are defined…

Project stakeholders

What is contributed and can be expected by whom, to ensure success as a team

Experts here for you

Our team of experts directed by Christoph Maurer, Dipl. Arch. ETH is here to help you


To help you meet your predefined objectives, we provide you with reliable technology, guaranteeing that interfaces between the individual solutions are taken into account at an early stage. Our package includes the plan room (2D exchange), a room book and a BIM model (IFC or Revit), which all allow for the simplified depiction of rooms.

The use of this reliable technology as well as our support help to significantly simplify communication between clients, planers, users and operators. Client and users are involved in the review of requirements at an early stage giving the planners clearer guidelines.

Plan room

The plan room with plans, reports, records etc. coexists…

Room book

… with a room book used to record room requirements/specifications.

BIM Model

The BIM model lets you take a virtual tour of the building, adding or leaving out details

Single source

Our solutions stem from a single source with strong support in every phase


BIM Integration is about putting the BIM methodology into practice, i.e. integrating it into the respective project stakeholder’s environment in order to reach the predefined objectives with the help of our technology. This relates to things like project structure, progress monitoring, authorizations, cost controls – in short all the processes that are now under BIM support.

Integration is successful when realistic objectives are defined and then implemented consistently. Integration fails when implementation costs and effort become unreasonably high. We will keep a close eye on all of this and provide you with continued support.

Integration in phases

The integration is carried out in phases in accordance with the hierarchy of objectives

Clear structure!

We will help you develop and implement a clear structure

Results check

Were measures taken and results achieved? Results – check!


Make use of our know-how to make your company BIM-ready


In collaboration with ArchiMedia we can offer you solid basic training, which conveys the basics of BIM regardless of the specific CAD program in use and aims to equip you to independently set up your model. In two additional modules you will learn to control models using Solibri and to complete room book setup and maintenance using Prevera.

In only four basic courses you will acquire essential knowledge that is an integral part of an architect’s core skills. Ideally the four courses are taken in order, however, it is also possible to take individual modules.

BIM Basics (1/2 day)

Understanding basic principles and processes in the use of BIM methodology

BIM Model Design (1 day)

Organizing CAD projects in accordance with BIM and correctly designing a BIM model

BIM Model Monitoring (1 day)

Monitoring IFC models in Solibri using rules and reporting collisions and pending matters

BIM Room book (1/2 day)

Exporting room data from CAD systems into the room book as well as room book setup and maintenance