BIM Consulting

Our BIM consulting services are designed to achieve an ideal structure for any project carried out using the BIM methodology, creating a comprehensible hierarchy of objectives (target state) that serves as a template for the project as a whole. This concerns all project stakeholders in all phases up to and including operation and includes an analysis of the actual situation. Based on the comparison of the actual situation with the target state, interim objectives and appropriate preliminary measures are defined. This way it quickly becomes apparent who will be affected by BIM in which form and what will be contributed and can be expected by whom.

BIM consulting also makes it clear which technology-related measures are necessary, how the integration will be handled and to what extent training measures are needed.

Hierarchy of objectives

How do I integrate BIM into my project as a method and which objectives does this meet?

Preliminary measures

In every project phase measures are defined…

Project stakeholders

What is contributed and can be expected by whom, to ensure success as a team

Experts here for you

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